About Lyn

I have been practising yoga for 40 years and have been teaching for over 30.  Yoga has been a great support and gift in my life and it is my joy to share what I have learnt with others. I feel my varied experience has given me an eclectic and sensitive approach to teaching yoga.

I started my yoga journey with Iyengar yoga which laid down the foundation of my yoga practice with its precision and structure of asanas.  I then worked for many years with Alan Babbington, who emphasised pranayama and meditation, and introduced me to the deeper, spiritual side of yoga.  I feel very privileged to have worked with such a special teacher over so many years.  He had a profound effect on my life and practice of yoga.

Other teachers I trained with are Naomi Rochford, Sissel Fowler, Phillip Xerri and Swami Attetanda in India.  I have also found spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Gangaji, Sogyal Rinpoche and the Dalai Lama have had a strong influence on how I teach yoga and I trust that some of their teachings shine through in my classes.