I teach daytime and evening yoga classes in Cheshunt, Broxbourne, Hoddesdon and Hertford. Click here for class times.

My classes are suitable for everybody, all ages and abilities, in fact every ‘body’, whether young or old, health-challenged or fabulously fit. We practice together at our own pace in a way that encourages awareness, non-competitiveness and self-acceptance.

Each class includes asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and relaxation. There is a strong emphasis on letting go and being in the present moment, in the ‘now’.

I like to think of my yoga classes as a sanctuary for students. A time to briefly step away from the demands of everyday life, to be with ourselves without judgement and accepting of what ‘is’. It is a time to relax, be present and bring into balance the physical, mental and emotional levels of our being.